Green Symposium

Help us have a Green Symposium!

University College Cork is a Green Campus since 2007. This is a student-led, research-informed and practice-based initiative that promotes environmental sustainability as far as possible in all that we do.
To this end, we encourage you to actively participate in some of these initiatives whilst attending our symposium.
a) Name Badges – we would be delighted if you could bring with you a name badge from another conference or event that you may have attended in the past to wear on the day. This not only makes for some interesting conversation throughout the day but also saves on plastic. However, we are able to provide you with a name badge if you like, but we would ask that you give back the plastic covering so that it can be re-used for another conference.
b) Coffee Mugs/Water Bottles – if you have a coffee/tea thermos or re-usable cup that you like to use then please bring this with you. There will be paper cups available for refreshments but the fewer we use the better.
c) Photocopies – we will keep photocopies to a minimum in your conference packs but will instead provide you with links to the abstracts on the website etc.
Thank you very much for your support with this initiative and we look forward to meeting you all next week.
Organising Committee